Jenny Woolf, writing and Lewis Carroll
New biographical information on Lewis Carroll
Welcome to the website of the Asham Award: the foremost short st...
The official website of The Asham Literary Endowment Trust promoting the Asham Award | Reviews, interviews, history, extracts, links to buy the books, latest news, events...
Cowards - New sketch comedy on BBC4
Cowards is an acclaimed four-man sketch group, with Tom Basden, Tim Key, Lloyd Woolf and Stefan Golaszewski - total sell-out at the Edinburgh Fringe 2005, 2006
London Library
The London Library is an independent subscription library, based in Piccadilly in the centre of London. The Library contains over a million volumes in all major European...
Why me? Home Page
Why me? is a campaigning organisation set up to promote restorative justice for victims of crime.

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