i will discuss all the things that most will not touch
Communication Plus
Our interactive space with lots of English practice and fun.
Edtech Network
Welcome edtech people who want to play with Yonkly.
What A Pile!
Junky product? crappy service? getting the run-around? ripped-off or screwed over? It all fits, so vent here.
Steroid Source Check
Find out what steroid websites are scammers and which ones are legit
What makes you such a cool person to know? How do you express yourself and what makes you so uniquely you? Express you!
Current: Tell a story, any story, but you must tell it in no more than 377 characters.
Yesu Nimwiza Chane Imana Ikomeje Gukoresha Group Hemaryimana Hirya Nohino
Twitter help - helping people out of Twitter suspension
Senseless Drivers
Let us try to collect all the silly and senseless mistakes that drivers do while we are driving to work or from home,...etc.

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