Brian's website: Brian Phillips personal site for Wargaming Figu...
Welcome to Brian Phillips Website for 28mm & 15mm Wargaming Figures and Models. Painting, Converting & Sculpting Historical Miniatures for Wargames.
The Scene, - quality hand made terrain for gamers
The Scene : - 15mm Figures Specials / made to order Buildings Unpainted Products Summer Green Winter Snow Desert Terrain Building Accessories Water craft the scene, terr...
Cardboard Tubes Essex Tube Windings Manufacturer
Manufacturers of spiral wound cardboard tubes up to 26 inches in diameter, 15mm wall thickness and length as required
Fighting 15s - Fighting 15s
Fighting 15s - stockist of Black Hat and Eureka Miniatures
Home - Ironclad Miniatures
High quality resin and whitemetal cast models and figures for use with wargaming miniatures. 15mm Miniatures, Figures and Rule Systems.
15mm miniatures and figures, HOTT, HOT, HOF, DBA, Laserburn, Alien Squad Leader, HOF Fire Team, USE ME, DarkeStorme, Age of Might and Steel, AOMAS. Brickdust Napoleonics...
Home - Ancient & Modern Army Supplies
Ancient & Modern Army Supplies. Suppliers of miniature figurines for war gamers and collectors. We sell customised painted armies and battle groups as well as white m...

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