Meditation & Modern Buddhism at 26 London Venues
Offering weekly meditation classes in and around London, meditation courses, weekend retreats and in-depth Buddhist study programmes, suitable for all levels of experienc...
Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre
Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre We hope you will browse through our pages and find something of interest to you something to make you think.
The Astral Projection Blog
Learn more about lucid dreaming, astral projection, out of body experience (OOB) and much more
Yoga, Meditation Courses, Dharma School, Costa Rica Yoga, Retrea...
Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica offers health & wellness retreats, meditation teachings and Sat Yoga lessons, advanced spiritual seminars, clinical guidance, and a growi...
Sahaja Yoga
Sahaja Yoga Australia - experience peace and joy within through this free meditation. We have centres all over Australia. Find out how to get your self-realisation.
Relaxation Exercises
Natural Relaxation techniques and Relaxation Exercises for a stress free life. Here is a simple guide to start with.
Relaxation at Home
Life should be enjoyed, so relax and unwind. Relaxation at Home contains useful information on several relaxation techniques: yoga, meditation, astral travel, home spas...
Qigong Exercise Guide
Join the growing number of people who have first-hand experience with the awesome power of Qigong.
Power of Imagination Law of Attraction Visualization Meditation...
power of imagination,law of attraction,creative visualization technique,meditation,self hypnosis,psychic,eBooks,books,audio CD,audio cassette,DVD,science of getting rich...
Meditative attunement with the beauty of living nature helps one to gain the inner harmony and quietness, immersion into hesychia.

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